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Ohana Pool Services - Summer Pool Tips and Hurricane Preparation

Summer season is upon us as well as the start of Hurricane Season. This can be a challenge for homeowners as well as our service industry. We would like to share some helpful tips and information to all our customers. 

Rainfall makes Florida foliage beautiful but its hard on the swimming pools. It dilutes the existing chlorine, changes the PH balance and rearranges a stabilized pool. Its part of summer and we do our best to keep the chlorine at a swimmable comfortable level. 

Algae blooms are a battle. Brevard County has one of the largest yearly yellow/mustard algae problems. We hate it to.

Its time for any upgrades s well. We will be looking over all the filters to see if yours is ready for replacing. The filter is really the center of your pool. Circulation, filtration and stabile chemicals are key.

The pools must run when its hot. At least 8 hours a day. During the hottest part of the day. I know its an expense but its necessary for the proper maintenance of your pool.

We strongly suggest you keeping chlorine at your home. If we have heavy rains for 2 or more days add it to the pool. There is no way for us to visit every home in 1 to 2 days after a storm. Also in the event of a Hurricane or Tropical storm chlorine will be in short supply often weeks of waiting. We can purchase a filled container or 2 for you and leave it and your home. Its $9.50 to do so a jug. If you would like to do this please add it to your next payment. 

Rainfall and storm water in the pool. Most pools have deck drains to absorb run off or a slant to run into your yard. Making sure the drains are cleared is very helpful. Rarely does the pool overfilling happen but if so these drains and slopes solve the problem. It is helpful for you to know how to drain your pool of over fill if there is a problem. If you do not know how please ask us to show you before the storms hit. 

Preparing your pool for a hurricane. Lawn furniture, grills, tree limbs etc are harmful to your pool if they land in it and than have to be removed. We do our best to get there after a storm but its a long process and a busy one. Remove those items and store or secure them. Tree trimming prior too storms is very proactive. 
Please keep in mind if we are under hurricane evacuations we as a family and a homeowner are also making that preparation to leave or secure our home. 

Hurricane and tropical storm disaster clean ups are not part of monthly service. These situations are independent and clean up depends on severity and damage. 

White flies are still a problem in Brevard County. Yes the have moved up from South Florida and are here to stay. If we notice you have an invasion we will let you know and give you any information on solving that problem. They really do suck the chlorine from your pool. Not pretty. See attached link for more info.

Phosphates also rear there ugly heads more so in warm water. Its like algae super food. The minute conditions are right they cause a super bloom. If we suspect we will test and discuss the best treatment. I will attach a link explaining how phosphates arrive in your pool. This is almost always the cause of a stubborn returning algae problems.

We want to do everything possible to help you relax and enjoy your swimming pool. If you have questions please contact us. 

Thank You, Ohana Pools

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