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Black Algae:
Perhaps the most aggravating strain of algae, it can be extremely difficult to eradicate completely. This is not entirely accurate, but the difficulty in removing it fully is due to the strong roots and protective layers over top of the black algae plant. Black algae will appear as dark black or blue/green spots, usually the size of a pencil eraser tip. Their roots extend into the plaster or tile grout, and unless the roots are destroyed completely, a new head will grow back in the same place. The heads also contain protective layers to keep cell destroying chemicals from entering the organism. Like yellow algae, black strains can bloom even in the presence of normal sanitizing levels and proper filtration. I was once told that this form of algae commonly enters a pool inside the swimsuit of a person who's recently been to the ocean.

Read all about algae:


Phosphates and how they effect your swimming pool.Please check out this link. If re occurring algae growth is the problem in your pool this is the reason. Once the phosphates reach a certain level there is no amount of chlorine sanitation that wil help. The dying algae killed by shocking only creates more food for the phosphates to grow which than feeds the algae again. This process repeats and your pool stays in bloom. There are solutions. Please take a look at what causes the development of these and than contact us for removal. Your swimming pool will thank you and we will also.

We hope that another year will go by without any real problems but you never know, FAY 2008 was crazy.

If the area is preparing for evacuation or storms we will do our best to continue service but depending on severity we may as well have to go.

Some ideas to help you prepare.

  • Low limbs and weak limbs can be removed prior to the storms.
  • Anything that can land in your pool, pots, plants, limbs,furniture, trash, glass etc can permanently damage the pool surface and increase the time it takes to restore your pool.
  • If you do not know how to let water out of your pool, please check or ask us to show you. Normally this is not a problem and the pool will run off and drain. If it threatens your home letting some water go could be necessary.
  • If you have chlorine jugs keep them filled. Add them after the rains have stopped. Chlorine usually goes into short supply after a storm and it can take some time to get enough to go around. If you don't have jugs let us know. We can purchase filled ones for you and drop them off. 
  • We will do our best to restore your pool after the storms have passed but it can be a slow process due to many factors. We will take care of them as soon as possible.
  • Restoration or disaster clean up of your pool is not part of the monthly service rate and other charges may be incurred. Most pools will have to be completely rebalanced after that much water and potential debris.
Thank you for your patronage and patience.
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